Workplace Wellness

                               Release                                                      Relax                                                        Recharge

At Beihai Tai Chi I'm also offering workplace based solutions to improve health and boosting performance for smaller and larger organisations alike. The Chinese methods of Tai Chi and Qigong offer wonderful tools for reducing stress and avoiding burnout to create happier and healthier individuals, coming together to make a more inspired and resilient workforce for your organisation.

True wellbeing should be a core value in every company. Optimal energy levels and vitality of each employee goes hand in hand with nurturing success of the business. Tai Chi and Qigong combat exhaustion and fatigue by centering, grounding and recharging our Qi or vital energy. They also provide a direct method of releasing old and restricting mental and emotional patterns from our mind and body. The effect is one of rejuvenation and uplifting.   

Tai Chi and Qigong have been shown to increase brain volume, resulting in improved cognitive function (memory, thinking, problem-solving, creativity) 

Ancient Chinese methods for modern age: healing, mind-body awareness, wellbeing, stamina, peace. Healthier individuals, healthier team, healthier organisation   

Easy and effective tools for stress-release, focusing, relaxation and energy-boost for employees to use both at work and at home

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