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3 Days from the 10 Day Martial Arts Challenge

"Image or video from a day in the life of Martial Arts that has had an impact on me, or been a memorable moment" - I decided to focus on inspiration.

Day 10

In terms of inspiration, this one is hard to beat: all of my students.

The questions that push you as a teacher to explore how / what / why you think the way you do; questions about the movements, the forms, about a particular hand position or about life & death; seeing an 85-year-old student with one eye blind and Parkinson's disease, balancing on one foot; those who say "I can't, it's too slow" becoming still, centered, and beginning to move from a place of peace within themselves; those who burst laughing during a Qigong practise; those who begin to cry; those who feel becoming bigger than their physical body, able to take on the world; those who've got that certain look in their eyes of having realised something important; those who give a hug; those who never return.

Deciding to start teaching was one of the best decisions I've ever made. If you want a fast track in terms of learning, start teaching. To all of my students - past, present, and future: Thank you.

Day 9

Endless inspiration from spirals, waves, circles, arches... the relationship between the human anatomy and energy, all sorts of 'energy' (not just physical, but mental, emotional, spiritual). How the bones are (sort of) straight, and yet the human body can become circular; how this mass of bones, tendons, ligaments, fascia, internal organs, can move in such amazing ways. I find it utterly fascia-nating.

Day 4

When I finally decided to join a Tai Chi Club in Finland, there was Liu Sifu. My intention was to start with Yang style Tai Chi, but Liu said, "No no, you go Chen". So I went Chen. They say Jin is Jin and Qi is Qi, but looking at Liu moving and generating power, I'd like to know how he does it; what's his secret. I'll probably never know, and that's ok. A bit similar to seeing GM Zhong in Wudang suddenly disappearing in one place and reappearing in another, approximately 2 metres apart, in a flash of a second. In terms of energy and matter, things certainly do get interesting with Tai Chi.

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