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7-Day Challenge

I was recently tagged on Facebook in a 7 Day Challenge: "1 Taijiquan posture a day for 7 days in the nature. Picture must be uploaded without filter publicly on your own timeline nominating at least one of your friends. The idea is to make more and more people realize that the beauty of this internal art is to set us in harmony with the external or what surround us. Nature and Taiji are one. From this we may cultivate a deeper individual link with Nature." This challenge was initiated by Melody Lee. You can see all of the posts / photos on social media with the hashtag #taijimelody. Here's my set of photos:

Day 1: 上步七星 Shàng bù qī xīng - Step Forward with Seven Stars, from 武当太极28式 Wudang Tai Chi 28

Day 2: 肘底捶 Zhǒu dǐ chuí - Fist Under the Elbow, from 陳太极83式 Chen Taiji 83

Day 3: 百鹤亮翅 Bái hè lìang chì - White Crane Spreads Its Wings, from 楊氏太极24式 Yang Tai Chi 24

Day 4: 當頭炮 Dāng tóu pào - Cannon Strike to the Head, from 陳氏太极83式 Chen Taiji 83

Day 5: 野马分鬃 Yě mǎ fēn zōng - Parting the Wild Horse's Mane, from 武當太極28式 Wudang Tai Chi 28

Day 6: 海底针 Hǎi dǐ zhēn - Needle at the Bottom of the Sea, from 楊氏太极24式 Yang Tai Chi 24

Day 7: 真人浴风 Zhēn rén yù fēng - Immortal Bathes in the Wind, from 武当六趟心意肘 Wudang 6-Times Xingyi Elbow (cheating here - not Tai Chi!)

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