• Beihai

Martial Art Poem

There's poetry in the movements, and there's poetry even in the names of the movements. A few years ago I compiled various movement names / titles from different forms and styles, and it became this little martial art poem - enjoy!

Wei Tuo Presents the Pestle

Jingang Pounds the Mortar Plucking Stars on Each Side Delicately Place the Flowers in the Vase

Xu Que Pinning Flowers in His Hair

Ma Ziran Falling Drunk into the Zha River

Xuan Su Having No Shadow White Crane Spreads Wings

Nine Ghosts Drawing Sabers

Swallowing the Saliva Saves Future Trouble Cold Wind Caresses the Face

Immortal Bathes in the Wind Turn Back and Wave Double Lotus

Immortal Gazes at the Chess Game Hua Tuo Feeling the Pulse Aunt Ma Presents Birthday Wishes Step Forward to Form Seven Stars Fist Under the Elbow

Tornado Foot Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar

Open the Armour

Cannon Strike to the Head

Pick a Helmet Behind the Head Lightning Flash Above the Courtyard

Celestial King Opens His Umbrella

Fortune Arrives Too Late

Divine Ape Returns to the Cave, Spirit Returns to the Heart

Yellow Tiger Guards the Courtyard Forever Two Peaks Salute the Sun A Single Pillar Holds Up the Heavens Five Dragons Hold Up the Immortal

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