Online Qigong Classes

Due to the current situation with the Covid-19, I'm offering 1:1 online Qigong Classes for those interested. The classes can be done either via Skype or Zoom. 

One class is 60 mins. / £70.


Qigong styles / forms available:

Wudang Five Animal Qigong (Turtle, Crane, Snake, Tiger & Dragon)

Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade)

Yi Jin Jing (Muscle and Tendon Change Classic)

Li Dan Gong (Wudang)

Yu Ji Gong (Jade Pole Qigong)

Taiyi Wuxing 9 Palace Qigong (Jiu Gong Xuanzhuan Shier Fa)

Sword Qigong

Other types of Qigong, depending on your requirements or situation


Qigong works well in terms of online teaching, as the movements are symmetrical and mirror each other (e.g. both hands opening at the same time on either side).


If you're interested, please email me at tero(at)   

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