Sisu Gong

Sisu (Finnish) = determination, inner strength, tenacity

Gong (Chinese) = work, skill, merit, achievement

Constant brain fog since the first lockdown? Feeling lack of focus, energies scattered around? Various symptoms which come and go? "I can't relax!"? Sounds like you could benefit from some Sisu Gong.

The ongoing, global battle with the Covid has created an enormous amount of stress, to which we are all exposed, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. Many people are feeling an increasing lack of energy, with various mental, emotional and physical symptoms. To counteract these symptoms and help us overcome the challenges, I've created a weekly online class with easy movements to follow. These are based on Tai Chi, Qigong (Chi Kung) and Mudra Yoga. The movements will help your Qi or vital energy become stronger, clear the meridian channels of blockages, and help you become realigned and centered within your being. Sisu Gong will boost your internal batteries with some Sisu Power to make you more resilient and strong.     

Whom is it for: Sisu Gong is suitable for anyone with basic movement abilities.

Is it safe: Yes. All of the movements are designed to boost your overall health and wellbeing.

Is it difficult: No. All the movements are easy to follow. Most of the movements are done in a symmetrical way. Some of the movements are done sitting, some standing, but if you prefer you can also do all of the movements sitting down.

Where: Online via Zoom.

When: Every Tuesday, starting on June 15th, 6-7pm London time (10-11am Pacific Time).

How much: £10 per class. Payments via PayPal or direct bank transfer (please email me for details).