Basic warm-up 1

Basic warm-up 2

Qigong: 1. Harmonising Qi, 2. Teacup exercise (higher stance & lower stance) 

Qigong: Lung Qigong (Hook Hand into LU1 / Zhong Fu point) 

Mudras: 1. Overcoming Anxiety, 2. Inner Security, 3. Heart Protection, 4. Protecting Throat and Neck, 5. Protecting Your Health, 6. Ganesha Mudra (removing obstacles)

Advanced Mudras: 1. Ganesha Mudra (variation), 2. Double Diamond Lotus, 3. Tarpana Mudra (making an offering)

Qigong: 1. Movement from Sword Qigong: opening the arm channels and stretching the sternocleidomastoid, 2. Boosting Qi in the Kidneys through Ears (from Yuji Gong or Jade Pole Qigong), 3. Sweeping the Yellow Court (solar plexus) to balance the emotions (from Yuji Gong)